Welcome To Detroit Rubber Supply: A Step Forward For A Sustainable Future

Keeping sustainability in mind, Detroit Rubber Supply discovered an innovative way to redefine the lifecycle of rubber materials. Our Company embraces sustainability and tries its best to renew used or worn-out rubber for further use in an effective way. We ensure to reutilize products like tires, tubes, tracks, and belts into the best source of eco-friendly alternatives.  Sustainable practices are ingrained in the DNA of Detroit Rubber Supply Company.

Through repurposing discarded rubber materials, we minimize environmental depletion. Closing the product life cycle we manufacture eco-friendly products. We have incorporated brilliant solutions to the world of mulching that offer a sustainable alternative to traditional mulching materials. Our mulch is manufactured using recycled rubber, which is of high-quality product that lasts long for up to 10 years.

What Are The Benefits of Rubber Mulch For Landscaping?

It is needless to explain the benefits of mulching in gardening. Well, the trend of sustainability compels us to discover rubber mulch for various effective results compared with traditional mulching materials. Major benefits of Rubber Stuff Mulch Include: Saves Money on your annual mulching as it last up to 12 years. It helps to prevent the growth of weed. It won’t attract insects, termites, or carpenter ants affect the growth of the plant. Moreover, your outdoor space looks aesthetically appealing 

You can get amazing results while landscaping a residential garden or designing a commercial outdoor space, our Rubber Mulch stands out for sustainability and quality. By choosing Detroit Rubber Supply, you’re not just investing in a product; you’re joining hands for a change toward a more environmentally conscious future. Experience the difference with Detroit Rubber Supply Company’s Rubber Landscape Mulch – where sustainability meets innovation, and every step forward brings us closer to a greener tomorrow.


What Our Client Have to Say

Who are we?

We are people who believe that our future depends on changing how we treat our world. We are doing our part by taking waste tires and repurposing them for creating sustainable, safe and practical products. We are headquartered in the Motor City – Detroit, Michigan – the birthplace of automotive innovation. What better place to figure out a better way of recycling the part of vehicles that we throw away?

Absolutely! The idea for our company was birthed after seeing the devastating effects of illegal dumping of scrap tires in the City of Detroit. Inside of abandoned homes, commercial buildings and even open fields. We knew that there had to be a better way. Our vision was to do our part to cleanup these sites while providing jobs to Detroit residents and making a profit in our business.

Tires can be processed into a number of valuable recycled resources based on the processing methods. In its most basic form, tires can be shredded into aggregate, which may be used as light weight fill in a number of infrastructure applications. It may also be used to create energy by burning them in cement kilns and power plants, which reduces the use of fossil fuels. In addition, scrap tires can be processed into more fine crumb and used to create mats, flooring, shoe soles, and many other items that we use in our every day lives – including re-using the tires to make new tires.

The impact of climate change on the way we live is growing more challenging each day. Without immediate changes, the future of humanity will be very different and more challenging. Our commitment to achieving 100% diversion of scrap tires away from landfills and back into a circular economy will result in a) reduced CO2 emissions, b) improved reliability and durability of our roads and other parts of our infrastructure in the U.S., and c) improve our lives by creating a safer living environment.

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